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Full-spectrum of our unique value-added services and consultation we provide for the diligent and business-savvy entity

Platform & Smart Contract Creation;

Token Design, Programming, Coding & Testing—which no competitor can offer;

Your own “Whitepaper” Creation;

Token Economics: pricing, utility, bounties & circulating supply;

International incorporation services;

Compliancy and legal advisory services;

Expert taxation advisory services;

AML & KYC compliance advisory services;

Audit & Financial reporting services;

Corporate finance & accounting services;

Settlement, depositary, custody services; treasury & escrow services;

Secure digital wallet & exchange platform integration services;

Multi-Sig wallet management;

Payments integration & fiat gateway services;

Project advisory board formation;

Strategic Partnership advisory services;

Trading, FX & Market making services;

Asset management & investment services;

ICO marketing, public relations, branding, web, social media & investor roadshows/ seminars/ in-service

ICO program management;

Project roadmap/ stratagem advisory services;

Post-ICO business advisory services & board guidance.

Uniqueness—unparalleled for experience, trustworthiness, legally-compliant, transparency, and buttressed by a trend-setting business acumen.